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The previous series of audio power amplifier projects that I was working on was using the LME498xx series of high voltage input stage drivers. I have posted several of them starting with Proj8, Proj11~25 and finally in Proj39~42, but there’s really more than that and have not been posted in the website as shown in the Tinkerer’s Workshop. It all started with Proj8 when I had the PCB fabricated professionally  to verify basically its layout quality. As a result of the first build the audio quality it reproduced and represented was very impressive!

At present I’m working on a new series of audio power amplifier projects that uses an opamp at the front-end input stage of the amplifier. Currently, there are 16 amplifiers so far that have been built and tested starting with Proj62.

Here’s a look at some of the completed projects:

This one is rated at 100 watts using Linear Technology LTC6090 that’s driving a pair of ThermalTrak transistors.


The next one is another 100-watt amplifier using an Analog Device ADA4700-1 connected to a complementary pair of Darlington transistors from Sanken.


This one is a 100-watt amplifier using Linear Technology LT1166, which controls the bias and effectively eliminates the matching of the QFET MOSFETs.