TDA7293 Modular Application


The TDA7293 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Multiwatt15 package, intended for use as audio class AB amplifier in high fidelity applications. The device is using the BCD technology a mixed bipolar and power MOS devices. More information is available at ST Microelectronics website.

Key Features of TDA7293:

  • Multipower BCD technology
  • Very high operating voltage range (±50 V)
  • DMOS power stage
  • High output power (100 W into 8 Ω @ THD =10%, with VS= ±40 V)
  • Muting and stand-by functions
  • No switch on/off noise
  • Very low distortion
  • Very low noise
  • Short-circuit protected (with no input signal applied)
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Clip detector
  • Modularity (several devices can easily be connected in parallel to drive very low impedances)

This project is the modular application of several TDA7293 devices that operates in parallel. Using the modular application of TDA7293 produces very high power output to a very low-Ζ load. In this type of application one TDA7293 device will operate as the master and the rest of TDA7293 will function as slaves. The slave power output stages are driven by the master device and will work in parallel together, while the input and the gain stages of the slave devices are disabled.

If you want to build this project a PCB layout as well as TDA7293 BOM are provided for free, as is, no warranty. Enjoy!

TDA7293 top layer-page-001 (1)

 TDA7293 Modular Top Copper Layer

TDA7293 silkscreen layer-page-001 (1)

  TDA7293 Modular Silkscreen Parts Placement Layer

TDA7293 bottom layer-page-001 (1)

  TDA7293 Modular Bottom Copper Layer

TDA7293 schematic-page-001

  TDA7293 Modular Schematic Diagram



TDA7293 Bridged Application

DSCN3732 (966x619)  DSCN3736 (809x635)  DSCN3745 (951x594)

Another application of TDA7293 is the Bridge Tied Load configuration, where two TDA7293 are used. In this application, the load must not be lower than 8 Ω for dissipation and current-capability reasons. With a power supply of ±25VDC the maximum output power is about 150Watts at 8Ω. With a power supply of ±40VDC the maximum power output is 200Watts at 16Ω.

The PCB was designed for stereo but can also be built using BTL configuration. Populating the PCB is easy, just follow TDA7293 Parts Placement for BTL PCB Guide. Enjoy!