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PreAmp3 Project is using the KA2107 manufactured by Samsung Electronics. The KA2107 is a monolithic integrated circuit in a 12-pin Single In Line package. It is designed for 2 channels of DC controlled Volume, Balance, Bass and Treble tone control application. It requires very few external components. The tone control circuit can boost or cut a 1KHz signal typically by +10dB/-12dB. The same input signal produces a typical output voltage of 650mV with a THD of 0.2%. The maximum current requirement is 50mA at a Vcc of 12VDC. The onboard 3-pin voltage regulator is capable of providing 100mA of current, more than the maximum requirement of the KA2107.

A typical application circuit, PCB layout and KA2107 Tone Control PreAmp BOM are provided for free, as is no warranty. Enjoy!
KA2107 Schematic Diagram-page-001 (1)

Schematic Diagram of PreAmp3 Project using the KA2107

KA2107 Bottom Copper Layer-page-001 (1)
Bottom Copper Layer of PCB

KA2107 Silkscreen Layer-page-001 (1)
Silkscreen Parts Placement of PCB



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