Project 9

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Project 9 is a tone control project that uses Texas Instruments' LM1036 Dual DC Operated Tone/Volume/Balance integrated circuit. It is available in a 20-pin through-hole Plastic Dual-Inline-Package (PDIP) or Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC) surface mounted package. The LM1036 is at its active lifecycle status that was originally released in the early 90’s by National Semiconductors and still going!

There’s plenty of LM1036 tone control PCA available online in assembled or kit form but only in 20-pin PDIP version. I did both chip package versions giving you more options to build. I made PCB layouts for 2 SOIC versions that use either 9mm or 16mm single linear potentiometers. The PDIP version uses 16mm single linear potentiometers. The Bill of Materials (Project9 LM1036) is the same for all versions. All provided for free, as is, no warranty.

Refer to Texas Instruments LM1036 spec sheet SNAS525C for more information. The spec sheet explains in detail how to change values of bass or treble capacitor (C16/C17, C14/C15) for different tone characteristic response curves. I have tried experimenting with different values but ends up using the values in the example application circuit, which in my opinion gives better response when mated with any of the power amplifier projects presented in this website.

I have redrawn the schematic diagram of the example application circuit to include U1, a 12-volt linear regulator in a TO92 package and D2, a LED of SMT-1206 package.

Project7 LM1036 Schematic Diagram-page-001

 Project9 Schematic Diagram


Test results using QuantAsylum QA400 audio analyzer.


 20-pin DIP version

Project9 DIP16mm Bottom Layer Rev4-page-001

20 pin DIP Bottom Copper Layer

Project9 DIP16mm Silkscreen Layer Rev4-page-001

20 pin DIP Silkscreen Layer

    DSCN3283 (2) (640x320)


20-pin SOIC version with 9 mm only potentiometers

SOIC Bottom Copper Layer 9mm-page-001 (1)

 Bottom Copper Layer

Project9 SOIC 9mmSilkscreen Layer Rev2-page-001

  Silkscreen Parts Placement Layer

DSCN3289 (2) (640x377)

20-pin SOIC version with 9 mm or 16 mm potentiometers

Project9 SOIC 16mm Bottom Layer Rev1-page-001

Silkscreen Parts Placement Layer

Project9 SOIC 16mmSilkscreen Layer Rev1-page-001

 Bottom Copper Layer

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