Make An Output Inductor

Here's an easy way to make your own 1uH to 2uH output inductor:

1. Cut about 25” of 18AWG enameled copper wire.

2. Using a Phillips screwdriver’s ¼ inch shaft as a bobbin, wind the enameled copper wire about 12 to 13 turns in the first layer and another 10 to 12 turns in the next layer.


DSCN2905 (2) (640x301)



3. Line up both ends of the formed coil to match with PCB holes. Cut about ¾” from a ½” diameter clear (or what’s available) heat shrink tubing and insert into the formed coil. Shrink the tubing by using a heat gun. Scrape all the enamel coating at both ends of the coil with a sharp blade and cut to desired length.

DSCN2914 (640x589)                                         DSCN2921 (640x590)











4. If you have an LCR meter check the value, if you don't have one, go ahead populate that to your PCB. See how simple is that !

DSCN2924 (432x640)